Shiroi Cafe / White cafe

white cafe interior
Location:Nagoya, Japan
Completion:Feasibility study

A relaxing little cafe planned in Sakae, Nagoya city. Its personality is similar to that of the town itself, a character that has endured since long ago – unpretentious, warm, and safe. The palette of materials consists of white-painted wood and rough white bricks, accented with a large, circular mirror that gives a sense of space and openness. Customers can eat and drink at counter seats opposite the kitchen, closing the distance between patron and proprietor, and creating a sense of coziness, as if one is eating at their own kitchen counter. On the walls, art and ornaments, trinkets and knickknacks, bestowing individuality to the space that reflects the identity of the owner.

Although the colour scheme is simply black and white, variation is achieved through use of textures and bright flashes of colour in ornamentation and greenery. A glass sliding door covers the whole front entrance, allowing potential customers to see the interior as they pass by. The best natural elements are allowed in – light, warmth, the surrounding environment – providing an experience similar to that of an open cafe in the summertime.


052 753 4785
受付時間 AM 9:00 ~ PM 5:00

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