Company Profile

on2 Architects
2-44 Visconti Kakuouzann 102
Otana, Chikusa Nagoya, Aichi 464-0835 Japan
+81 (0)52 753 4785
+81 (0)52 753 4785
July 2013
Office Registration:
First Degree Architectural Practice License 12821
Registered Architect:
Hideo Nakagawa  First Degree Architect License 357930
Scope of Work:
・Architectural design,
・Event planning
・Interior design
・Industrial and product design
・Furniture design
・Urban planning
・Landscape design
・Project management
・Graphic design
・web design
・structural design
・civil engineering
・other related consulting
Services :
・Private Residences
・Estate Housings
・Flat Alteration, Renovation
・House Alteration, Renovation
・Commercial Buildings
・Educational Buildings
・Medical Facilities
・Healthcare Center
・Welfare Facility
・Retirement Home
・Planning, designing and management of various other building uses
Other services:
Our bi-lingual team can provide a full spectrum of design services in the following
unique situations: Design services in Japan for English speaking clients.
Design services outside of Japan for Japanese or English speaking clients
Liability and insurance:
on2 Architects maintains Professional Indemnity Insurance in respect of our liability to
our clients.

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