on2 Architects is a design office based in Nagoya. Active mainly in Aichi, Gifu and Mie, we design and manage buildings for various purposes, including custom houses, condominiums, clinics, nursing homes, group homes, shops, hotels, offices, and more. We also work on renovations and restorations.

on2 Architects considers all kinds of requests. Large or small, simple or complex, ordinary or awe-inspiring – if you have requests or problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email or phone. We are able to respond to any queries concerning architecture, construction, land and real estate.



It’s free. Please contact us at any time by phone or email, with matters concerning architecture, construction, land or real estate. We will happily answer any questions that will help your achieve your dream of a perfect home. It won’t cost you anything.
Outline Proposal
Upon hearing a client’s requests, we will explore various possibilities based on budget and property, conduct site investigations, and prepare the appropriate governmental / legal research. Following this, two or three basic plans will be proposed. In some cases there will be presentations, models and 3D demonstrations. We will also provide approxmiate schedules, construction completion dates and costs.

Contract for a Appointment
Based on the contents of our initial presentations, we will ask detailed questions concerning more specific requests, design choices and cost. The initial proposal of structure, materials and equipment will be made, and preliminary discussion with legal officials will be carried out. According to the client’s construction budget, we will prepare estimates and control the cost from the basic design stage. From here onwards, we will adapt to accomodate both budget and legal needs to the very best of our ability.
Design Development
Once the client is satisfied with the contents of the presentation, a design contract will be proposed. At this point, it will be possible to revise the plan and cost again. Following revisions, our office will continue to develop and enhance the original designs. We offer a great deal of flexibility to ensure that we are able to fully realise the client’s vision to the best of our ability.
Detail Design
Once the Design Development stage has been agreed on by both parties, on2 Architects will begin our detailed design process. Material, colour and feature specifications will be decided upon, and detailed plans, sections, elevations and visualisations neccessary for construction will be generated and presented to clients for confirmation.

Tender Action
Building Permit
Tender Action
At this stage, a formal quotation will be required. Depending on the circumstances, we will ask clients to select one contractor from a shortlist of three from which to request a quotation. Upon receival of the quotation, clients will be asked to review and compare to their original estimation and decide whether it is reasonable. In the case of the quotation and the estimation being greatly different, cost control (VE plan) will be carried out to bring construction costs and original estimations closer together. After that, a contractor can be decided upon.
※Building Permit
Approval confirmation from the client will be requested again closer to the final confirmation deadline. At this point, adjustments to the design can be made with guidance from the building department and other authorities.

Following confirmation of the final quotation and signing of the contract between client and contractor, Jichinsai (ground festival) can be carried out and construction can begin.
Site Management
Once construction is underway, our design office will meet with the contruction company about once a week and report to the clients, and will supervise construction work to ensure that it is proceeding as designs specified. Inspections will also be carried out by an independent agency.

More inspections will be carried out by independent agencies and the fire department. Following this, both clients and the design office will conduct detailed inspections to confirm that the final build is as specified by design and construction contracts.

After Practical Completion
The next inspection will be carried out about a year later, to check if there are any problems caused by aging. Regardless of this examination, clients are advised to notify o2 Architects if there are any issues or any time after completion of the project.

As a general guide our fee is between 7% and 10% of the total construction cost, but can vary depending on usage, scale, site conditions, building environment, structure and equipment.

As stated above, initial consultation is free of charge.

We are strongly committed to helping our clients not only during the design process, but also after completion of the project and are more than happy to consult with you on any matters concerning any project we have been affiliated with.

If you are at all interested in working with us here at on2 Architects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

– Structure calculation expenses are required separately.

– Consumption tax will be added separately.

– Transportation fees are included in design costs (except in the case of distant projects). We are happy to work with clients in any location.

– For remodels and renovations, please contact us but use the 7%-10% as stated above as a guide.

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