House Mie / The house with a big roof

大屋根 家
Location:Nagari, Japan
Completion:Feasibility study

House Mie is located in Nabari City, Mie, and was designed for a couple in their sixties with one child and two small dogs. They requested a bright, modern, stylish house, that appreciated both family unity and individual privacy. In order to balance both of these qualities, boxes are placed in each corner of the plot, to maintain privacy at the extremities. When a roof is added, the space between is conveniently joined together, creating a spacious family area. This scheme precisely captured both the independent, private spaces and the open family spaces we were aiming for. Thanks to the gable roof, the interior space is grand and impressive, but when juxtaposed with natural colours and materials becomes peaceful and serene. Outside, facade benefits from these same materials, creating an exterior that is simple and delicate, but also stylish and modern.

The second floor plan was designed so that it would easily adapt to potential changes in the family composition in the future. Additionally, each room has direct access to a versatile terrace that can be used for any number of uses. This space is enveloped with structural decorative boards, and creates a feeling of warmth and comfort in this versatile space. The large roof blocks out the harsh sun in summer, and lets in the warm sunlight in winter. The space under the eaves gently connects the inside to the outside, creating a space to dry clothes or for the children and dogs to play.

To maximise cost efficiency, we wanted to keep the plan and concept simple, and use decorative structural boards and similar materials as much as possible. Additionally, thanks to intelligent planning and design, the structure benefits from natural heat control and ventilation, as well as being economically conscious and healthy to live in.


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