Striped House / A house for people and cats

Location:Aichi ken

Thanks to the original plan of the Striped House, there was huge potential for this project. With a few rearrangements, all the bedrooms could be placed on the first floor, meaning that the whole second floor could become a LDK. The layout of the partitioned walls on the second floor could be adapted to create a really interesting semi-private plan. This is exactly what we did. By placing the partitions at handrail-height, the living space and the kitchen-dining space was clearly divided, but still existed as a single entity. Appropriate levels of privacy were maintained – the living room could be quiet, relaxing place, the kitchen-dining could be a dynamic, energetic place, whilst still occupying the same space. The combination of waist-high partitions and a bridge feature ensures that. Additionally, the placement of the LDK on the second floor maximises lighting and ventilation in the focal point of the house. Windows on every wall allow you to see the outside environment from any point in the LDK, the skyline encircles the entire space, creating this amazing feeling of broadness and depth.

There is an enigmatic connection between spaces, linking rooms together, not only horizontally through the LDK, but also vertically through the void over the stairway. This void also draws light downwards, allowing the first floor to benefit from the fantastic lighting on the second floor, and improves ventilation through the chimney effect. The addition of skylights was an easy fix for the gloomy utility spaces.

The muted, clean colour scheme is occasionally accented with pops of color on the doors and furniture. The interesting layout and variety of vertical levels, especially the now-visible beams on the second floor make it a paradise for cats.The use of natural materials, solid wood flooring and walls made of diatomaceous earth means that the building benefits from moisture conditioning, leading to a more comfortable environment. The 2F ceiling has been raised and the beams exposed, creating a connection between the natural wood above and below.

The terrace area was created with the simple fixing of a ‘box’ to the outside of the structure. The extension part brings about a change not only as an entrance space as the face of the house but also an expression of the outside and emphasizes the relationship with the garden. We created a sense of solidarity with our families, emphasizing the importance of light and wind, and designing with a focus on forming a comfortable living space.


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