Spartakiade 2019 / Sports complex

Location:Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Completion:Feasibility study

Spartakiade 2019 is the reconstruction and development plan of international-level sports complex facilities to be used at the 29th Winter Universal Art, scheduled to be held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia in 2019.

The stadium “Vetluzhanka” is located in the Oktyabrsky district, about 10 km from the center of Krasnoyarsk, at the foot of the Mykolayiv hill. The existing sports complex was built for the 6th tournament, held in the USSR era in 1985, and in 2000, the Ski Orienteering World Championship was also held here. Vetluzhanka is known as the country’s best ski-training facility, and has been the training location of choice for many of Russia’s best athletes. Evgeny Ustyugov, who won the gold medal in Vancouver 2010 and the Sochi winter Olympic biathlon event in 2014, also trained at this facility.

At present, the stadium is made easy to use for both sports and public events. The site is about 31 ac (about 6.5 times the size of Tokyo Dome), and houses the Biathlon Stadium (1000 capacity), sports facilities, speed skating grounds, a sports medicine science center, a rehabilitation facility, accomodation, and entertainment facilities. Each space is equipped with all the facilities necessary for international level competitions, such as movie theaters and restaurants, shops, and 300-capacity hotels. In addition, on the south side of the site, we designed a multi-family housing complex where about 600 households (2,100 people) consisting of a total of 12 clusters can live. The result is a ‘micro-city’ on the ground floor (1F), a concentrated gathering of houses and cafes, galleries, commercial facilities, cafe, offices, and more.


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