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shoe store interior
Location:Tokyo, Japan

They say that ‘fashion starts from the feet’, but the same can be said for architecture, as well as fashion. ‘Madras’ is a beautifully designed shoe store that follows the traditions of Italian shoemaking. Because it is a store that provides stylish footwear, the interior is designed to match the brand concept.


A stylish interior from the ground up, yoseki-style woodwork catches the eye

The interior of the store is based on a friendly, natural taste with plenty of wood and accents made of marble, creating a sense of luxury. The flooring is based on a yoseki-style tessellated wood pattern, which looks both traditional and fashionable, and not only differentiates the store from others of its kind, but is also easily noticed by prospective customers. Contrasting with the complex floor pattern are the simple walls, which are basic but never boring, instead providing a muted backing from which to set the products, making them stand out and draw the eye.

madras interior 

Showroom layout

The storefront forgoes a counter and is laid out so that the entire space can be seen from the outside, more like a showroom than a simple shoe store. The cashier is hidden from the outside view, making it easier for customers to enter the store. The store clerk can stay away from the counter, guiding customers around the showroom and focus on service.

shoe store layout 

Beautiful design enveloped in stylish footwear

The store design makes use of glass and steel to give a more modern edge to an otherwise classic European image, an environment in which any kind of visitor can feel at ease. In the centre of the store, customers look outward to a wide range of expertly crafted footwear, undisturbed by the cashier which sits at the back, hidden from view. We aimed to design a space where the customer could sit and admire the craftsmanship, untroubled by the trappings of the retail experience.


A cashier at the end of the display shelf

Though the cashier cannot be seen from the centre of the store, when you gaze along the shelves at the shoes, it is laid out at the very final point. Starting from outside the store, following the lines of sight along the display shelves, through to the cashier counter at the end, a story can be told from entering the store through to the customer’s final purchase. The stock area is also logically arranged according to shoe sizes, allowing swift and efficient distribution of purchases.

shoe store cashier


Efficient and functional behind the scenes

The display shelves themselves are also designed so that ordinarily overlooked details, such as the L-shaped corners and wall facings, can become features. Display shelves are movable, allowing for seasonal layouts. There is no staff room behind the checkout counter, but by sharing it with the stock space, products can be stored away in an easy-to-understand manner – logically arranged according to shoe sizes, allowing for easy removal of boxes.



The stylish interior begins at your feet, with yoseki-style tessellated wood patterns, beauty even in peripheral vision. In the eyeline, stylish footwear housed in a stylish showroom, dripping with class and elegance, a single space unbroken by counters or tables. Efficient, functional, Madras is easy to enter and a pleasure to experience.


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