River Side Surgery / Big square window clinic

Location:Rock Ferry, Birkenhead UK
Cost: £225,000

The Riverside Surgery project is an extension of two clinic rooms to an NHS pharmacy in Rock Ferry, UK.

To improve the quality of service, on2architects was asked to greatly expand the existing facilities. Considering the shape of the original building, surroundings and access, we designed a doctor’s office on one side, and a pharmacy on the other side of the existing entrance. Both new buildings are joined with a glass-enclosed space that not only improves access to the reception, but also enhances the original doorway, transforming it to an understated and easily forgotten doorway, to a modern, bright and clean entrance that can be easily identified from the street. The glass entranceway also allows light to pass through into the main reception and waiting room, elevating it from a dark and gloomy chamber to a fresh and vibrant space.

Wooden boarding was used to clad the outer walls to link the structure with the trees in the surrounding environment, and bold, square windows were installed to give an expression to the face of the building. Unlike the existing building, which is constructed in a traditional British red-brick style, the extensions are modern and sleek, but the program fits well together through intelligent use of materials, sharp edges and square openings.


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