SHOWROOM / Oshima Shoe Store

Location:Ichinomiya, Aichi, Japan

This project is a showroom for the 65-year-old ‘Oshima Shoe Store’ in Ichinomiya, Aichi, and is designed based on ‘Japanese modern’ aesthetics. Based on warm colours of wood grain, a modern interior with traditional Japanese tastes such as checkered patterns was created. The slits in the exterior storefront let in shafts of light, producing complex patterns and shadows. The alcoves inside also add a layer of depth and luxury, creating varied spaces of light and shadow.


An exterior adorned with interior checkered patterns

The exterior façade that faces the road is critically important. A Japanese-styled checkered pattern, accented by laser-cut slits creates an exquisite balance that is hidden from inside the showroom. The texture is reminiscent of warm wood, and when lit up, casts shadows on the interior and creates a three-dimensional exterior façade.

three-dimensional exterior façade

A façade with slits

The checkered slit on the façade contribute not only to the exterior but also to the interior – the light that enters through the slits creates a dynamic pattern on the interior that moves throughout the day, leading customers from the entrance into the heart of the store, a prologue to the showroom.

checkered façade 

Joining the exterior and interior with a checkered façade

The checkerboard pattern from the interior is continued through into the interior design with the flooring of the showroom. The doors and walls, which are the boundary between the interior and the exterior, are made of glass, creating a sense of openness and welcoming, with the features of on both sides visible from either side.

checkered façade

A showroom with a simple structure

When entering the showroom from the entrance, the staff spaces, such as the bar counter are on the left, and the showroom is on the right. The other spaces are concealed by sliding lattice doors, without walls. This large, continuous room ties spaces together, isolating areas and opening others up by moving these sliding doors. Additionally, thanks to the thin paper that fills the gaps in the doors allows soft light to penetrate these hidden spaces, even without windows.

showroom simple structure

Seven alcoves

Seven concave alcoves adorn the right side of the showroom, providing a space for featured products to be displayed like ornaments, allowing the client to boast the superior quality, technology and craftsmanship of their shoes. Each alcove can be accented with customisable lighting, allowing the client complete control of how they would like each product to be seen.

The central alcove holds a bench that can be used for custom shoe measurements. The measuring platform can be pulled out like a drawer and stored neatly when not in use.  There are also wall-mirrors fitted between the alcoves that both serve a functional purpose and balance depth in the space.

interior concave alcoves 

Saving space with functional staff areas

Though the customer space can be freely changed with alcove lighting and lattice doors, staff space is designed with optimised functionality. To the left of the showroom is a bar counter that serves as a point of contact between the customer and the staff, behind is a stylish kitchen that looks like something straight out of a movie. The rest of the space is hidden behind lattice doors, though when opened they accent the space without causing interference. Utilities are located further behind the doors at the back of the building where they are concealed from the customers line of sight.



A space designed to guide customers in through unique Japanese-styled features, a checker-patterned façade that scatters shafts black and white into a stylish showroom, adorned with elegant alcoves veiled in soft lighting. Inviting from the outside, and cozy within.


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