Neston Surgery / Big round window clinic

Location:Neston, Cheshire UK

Neston Surgery is located in Neston, Cheshire, UK, and is an extension of a NHS doctor’s office, with an additional treatment room and staff training facility. For this project, it was important to build quickly in order to gain subsidies provided by the county without interrupting treatment. To this end, both extensions were processed in factories in advance, and a wooden prefabricated construction method was adopted to maximise a quick assembly on site. Because parts were manufactured at a factory, quality is consistent and high accuracy could be secured. As a result, work on site was drastically reduced, leading to a completion time of less than four months. This was within the time allowed to recieve the government subsidy, and thus the price was also considerably decreased.

Doctors’ surgeries have a tendency to feel clinical and sterile, which can be an intimidating environment. To remedy this, natural light was maximised to brighten up the interior and lessen the claustrophobia. Large, round windows, skylights and glass-enclosed passages help to facilitate this, and create harmony with the surrounding buildings and nature. In contrast to the original building’s traditional red brick design, the Neston Surgery extensions take a cleaner, more modern approach with the use of a natural wood finish. When first constructed, they look clean and slick, but as time passes, they will mature beautifully with time, and are easily maintained. The larch-laminated surface incorporates the surgery into its surrounding environment seamlessly and naturally.


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