Light, space and togetherness

15 / 06 / 2018

LDK 書斎スペース

Good morning Japan, and today we’re very to happy to tell you a story about how on2architects has successfully managed to bring a little more light into someone’s world – quite literally in fact!

We were commissioned by a couple in their 50s to redesign their home – light, space and togetherness were the buzzwords. So, we went to work, and we designed House I.

House I is an apartment made from red cherry timber and stone, a haven with a warm atmosphere, rich with quality and class. By removing barriers and replacing others with semitransparent glass, we were able to provide that important sense of togetherness. Not only that, it allowed us to be flexible with light. Reflective surfaces and light colours ensure that light is abundant throughout, creating a space that feels cool and fresh.

Narrow corridors and dark hollows were redesigned to make better use of available space and light and can now be used as effective storage space. Intelligent use of mirrors gives the illusion of space where there is none.

We’re pleased with the outcome. So are our clients! Check out House I and see for yourself.


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