15 / 06 / 2018


Years ago, I was returning home from work, wearing what felt like half of my wardrobe – leggings, pants tucked into two pairs of thick socks, two undershirts, a sweater, coat, scarf, gloves… and just for good measure I’d let my beard grow out in a vain effort to provide an additional layer of protection from the blisteringly cold and cruel winds I was foolish enough to venture out into that February night. When I arrived home, I was appalled to find that the conditions inside weren’t much different to those outside. As you can probably tell … I am not an admirer of Winter. I immediately turned my air conditioner on to full blast, 35 degrees – the maximum – and impatiently waited for the temperature to surface from below zero.

Thirty minutes later, my teeth were still chattering, and frosty breath continued to hang in the air. Unacceptable. I defiantly rushed downstairs to fetch the two heaters from the closet – one of which I was sure wasn’t working – but it was better to be safe than sorry. With the three heat sources surrounding me, at last I was granted mercy. Warmth, at last.

There is a point to this story, I promise.

The rest of my evening was a struggle to find the right temperature. With the heaters on, it soon became too hot. If I turned them off, within minutes I would be cursed with bitter cold. Always on the edge of comfort, never able to truly relax. In truth, my mistake had been made months before, when I had signed the contract for the apartment.

‘It’s a steal!’ I had thought.

Unfortunately, deep in the midst of one of the hottest, most glorious summers of my youth, I had failed to consider insulation when I signed that contract. Thus, I was forced to live out the same tragedy every winter for the next three years.

And so we come to the point (at last). Why was I unable to find the right temperature? Why was the warmth so quickly and cruelly stolen from me? Windows are the point in the house at which the most heat is lost. Like a puncture in a life raft, hot air escapes through windows and leaves you deep in the cold, costing you heat, money, and denying your comfort.

So what’s the solution? Double-glazing can ensure that the heat does not escape. Between two panes of glass, a layer or air acts as a boundary that not only protects against heat transfer, but also maintains a consistent interior temperature, allowing you to find that sweet spot, and stay there. It also acts as soundproofing, and prevents condensation build-up. Double-glazing is actually cheaper to install than regular single-glazing, and your existing window frames can be used, so no walls need to be destroyed for you to upgrade.

Did my story seem familiar to you? Were you reading with teeth chattering and frosty breath in the air? Can’t find that sweet spot? You need double-glazing. Give us a call, and we’ll find a solution that suits your individual needs. Because we understand.

All too well.


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